A Building Rich in Tradition Radiates History

Terttu Miilumäki has worked in the same building for almost her entire life


Terttu Miilumäki, who started working at the pharmaceutical plant as a summer worker in the spring of 1976, has worked in the building for over 40 years. Even though technology has brought with it much more production volume, the workplace community is still tight – its own Minorito family.

Terttu remembers how, in the 1970s, the tablet press in the pharmaceutical factory pressed four charcoal tablets at a time. Nowadays, she watches as the preforming machine tosses out ready-made tablets at speed.

Quality control and sampling have become essential parts of the job description. In the old days, work at the pharmaceutical plant was so tough that even strong men were exhausted after the work day.


Functional spaces


The factory building in the Kapernaum area of Seinäjoki was built in 1969. Significant remodeling took place in the 1980s. The office spaces were renewed in 2011, as were the production areas in 2012. Now it is time for facade and roof repairs.

“The packing department was formerly an open area. Today, that space is divided into rooms, with each one containing its own machine or line. This compartmentation reduces noise and improves production hygiene.” Terttu says.

The four-story factory building radiates a pleasant atmosphere. Terttu, who has been involved in many aspects of the manufacturing processes, enjoys her current work at Minorito, where the spirit is enthusiastic.

“As you get older, work becomes an even more important part of your life. As long as my health allows, I intend to continue working here, she says.” Terttu says.

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