Dosage form can affect a product’s market value

Tablets and capsules have their benefits, as do powders


According to Minorito’s Product Developer Raimo Saari, the form of a nutraceutical product can be surprisingly important to consumers. The suitable form for each product should always be considered on a case-by-case basis. Tablets and capsules have their benefits, as do powders.

“Sometimes, the best option may be to launch a product in two dosage forms – a chewable tablet and powder, for example. This provides a clear indication of which one sells best. It may even be that offering the same product in two different forms will reach a wider range of target groups,” he says as a tip.

Currently, drinkable powders are a rising trend in nutritional supplements. They can be easily manufactured in single or double packets that can be separated by tearing.

“Another benefit of powders is that the binders important in the production of tablets can be avoided. A powder only contains the necessary active substances and flavours.”


Memory becomes the new boom


During his ten years in the field, Raimo Saari has noticed that new hit products tend to come and go frequently in the supplement sector. At the moment, people are interested in vitamin B12, which seniors use to support their memory.

“Awareness of the significance of nutritional supplements in supporting one’s well-being is increasing at the same rate as the population ages. In addition to this, consumers want more personalised information about the supplement doses suitable for them.”

The competition is also increasing with new actors entering the field. The UK and the United States have the longest traditions, but Finnish companies are gaining renown thanks to their clean high-quality products. Finnish wild berries, in particular, are in high demand, even on international markets.

“Berry powders can also be used to add a natural colour to products,” Saari adds.

So far, there have been fairly few organic products in the field of nutritional supplements. The Minorito product developer sees this as an interesting future trend.

“Our factory is fully capable of manufacturing organic supplements. We just need to find the right raw materials. For example, glucosamine, which is used for joints, can be manufactured from plants.”

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