Package design

A good package is an essential part of the product. Appropriate packaging and an effective visual style create a good foundation for a product’s success. This is why we use an in-house designer, our brand manager Elisabeth J. Strifeldt, who creates distinctive looks for products to enhance their brand. We abide by Evira’s guidelines for in-house control of food supplements and their requirements for packaging.


A well-designed package protects the product against the effects of oxygen, light, impurities and physical impacts. We also offer flat packaging that is often more practical than the traditional tablet jar. We take into account all factors in our package design, including the ease of use and the importance of recycling. A well-designed package supports the product’s marketing: the label informs, sets the product apart from others and rises the interest of the buyer. Packages must also be durable to make them easy to transport, store and display in shops.

Women's Health Supplements in Finland